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iPhone & Android Apps

  • Customized Software to meet YOUR SHOPS specific needs
  • Cloud based platform, so you can access whenever and wherever you are.
  • With just a touch from your phone, give your customer status updates in real time.
  • Stay on top of communication documentation with all customers.
  • Send a customer either pre-defined messages or create your own.
  • Easily Text or Email customer delay notifications.
  • No time to scan? Just take a photo of any invoice or document and upload to the RO.
  • Quickly send a customer any legal documents requiring their signature.
  • View estimates from your phone.
  • Create a manual estimate from your phone.
  • Create a PDR estimate from your phone or tablet with ease.

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iPad Powerful Design!


Ease of Use

The CRS interface is a very powerful, user friendly tool that will quickly become a production managers most trusted and dependable support system


Save Time & Money

The iPad app assists the production manager to work smarter while saving time and money, automatically keeping the customer informed every step of the way


Latest Technologies

Technology is now the norm in our everyday lives and immediate communication is expected from your customers.
CRS is dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technology to have an edge on your competitors and keep up with the customer and insurance company demands.

How does your Management System compare to CRS?

Collision Repair Organizations often believe if they implement the same management software systems as the leaders in their industry use, they will even out the playing field and somehow increase their competitive edge. Not the case.

An organization which follows this line of thinking risks purchasing software that is a poor fit. The result...loss of time, money and even market share trying to right this wrong.

While "canned" functionality might bring operational efficiency and profit, it can only do this in areas which do not already bring your company a competitive advantage. If your organization has figured out a way to make sure every repair comes off the line hours before your competitors' repairs, then make the software fit that process – not the other way around.

Regardless of what your vendor tells you, choose a software based on your company requirements and forget about what the “other guys" are doing.

CRS for Employees
iPhone & Android Apps

CRS Management System provides the ability to use this system as a time clock. It allows employees to clock in and out giving administration easy applications for payroll as well as tracking labor efficiency. This system also has an internal messaging system which allows communication to run smoothly and efficient. As well as customer update notifications during each stage of the repair process via email, text messaging, this communication not only keeps the customer happy but eliminates inquiring phone calls, saving time and money.

-Employee time clock
-Labor tracking and job costing
-Automated customer repair status notifications
-Internal Employee Messaging

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Are you ready for a new Collision Repair management system that really meets all your needs. CRS A Management System unlike any other CRS can make program changes to accommodate your business goals CRS has NO additional fees when it introduces new and exciting programming to its software platform Well if the answer is yes come check us out at Nace Booth number 339 august 9-13 2016 Anaheim convention center To schedule an appointment please email us at info@mycrsmanager.com

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Production Scheduler

CRS has created a production scheduling communications board, a production Managers best friend. With a click of the mouse the production manager can rearrange the complete schedule.

Production scheduling is an important tool in helping the company provide accurate, real-time schedule for the technicians working in the shop. It works just like a menu, they see the jobs on the monitor that they’re assigned and in their priority and no longer waiting around for their next job.

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CRS Parts Manager

The ease and efficiency of using the Part's Management section of the CRS System is an absolute time saver. When ordering parts, an email is generated & sent to the vendor requesting parts.When posting invoices, a date/time stamped record of every transaction is generated within each repair order. Vendors will receive an automated email and text message each time a part is returned. The message will indicate a part is being returned for credit and is ready for pick up.

When the vendor comes to gather up the returns, the CRS system uses an electronic device to record the digital signature. The returned parts now went from pending return to returned and are sitting in the accounting section of the system waiting for credits.

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CRS Job Costing

To make money consistently in collision repair industry, you need accurate estimating. In order to have accurate estimating, you need accurate job costing to give you constant feedback on your estimating system. As you prepare an estimate, you are setting many goals. Your goals are the material cost you hope to meet or beat, the labor cost you hope to achieve, and the sublet cost you anticipate.

Once you have sold the job and production begins, you keep records of your expenses for that job in each category of your estimate. How are you doing on meeting these goals? This collection of data is critical to your success because it sets the stage for accuracy in your future estimates. Only by gathering accurate and timely job cost information will you be able to gauge job performance, and keep your estimating information up-to-date.

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CRS has created an administrative center platform for each admin user; this was designed to allow the admin user to set up their personal/work event calendar to keep them on schedule. My request is a log of all the request made during the year. My repair orders allows the user to manage vehicles there currently managing through the repair process.

The internal Messages platform is a way that all users send another co-worker a message. Task manager is a way to alert all admin that a customer's vehicle has a task that needs to be completed before closing job and contacting the customer. The vehicles scheduled to leave today. There will be a blue box with the number of vehicles expected to leave today. Search RO's between two dates will display all estimators jobs scheduled to leave for that period. My certificates Is a platform to save images of documents.

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